On Golden Farm

We are a small family farm located in Milford NH raising Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Registered British Guernsey Goats for dairy, a variety of egg laying chickens, & a small apiary.

What We Do

Our grandson Kaelan with baby Cassie

We sell Nigerian and Guernsey Goat Kids each spring as future milkers, breeding bucks, or adorable pets.

Our delicious On Golden Farm eggs

We have a small farm stand in which we sell free range chicken eggs, organically fed raw goats milk, Tuscan bread, raw honey, maple syrup, goats milk feta cheese, handmade crafts & gifts, and organically grown veggies from our garden. The stand is open daily from early spring to late fall. It is self serve and we use the honor system.

Our beautiful apple trees in blossom

Depending on the yield, in the fall we may have organically grown fruit for sale from our small orchard. We have a variety of apple trees, pear and peach trees on our property.

Our standards

We strive to do things o’ natural here at On Golden Farm, we raise our Goats and Chickens holistically and do not use any chemicals or pesticides unless medically necessary.
Also natural remedies and herbal dewormers are always used first.
It is our personal opinion that this route is best for the animals health and our own.

We also test our herd each year for infectious diseases; CAE, CL, Johnes, Q Fever and Brucellosis via Washington State University labs or UNH.

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