2022 Breeding Schedule/Sales Policy

UPDATE: We have retired from goats, if interested in any of these breedings, please contact the farms listed under the Nigerian & Guernsey doe pages, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

*Nigerians are in green, Guernseys in orange*

*Click on the links to see the planned pedigrees*

Vixen x Duke (due Jan 27th)


Vixen had twin doelings on 1/26 ~ Both doelings have been sold to Tiny Hill Farm

Queen x Gabe (due Feb 15th)


Pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound

JJ x Landmark (due March 16th)

Kids will be full BG

Pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound

Kali x Gabe (due March 31st)


Pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound

Duchess x Gabe (due April 1st)


Pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound

Rue x Gabe (April 8th)


Pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound

Vin x Duke (due April 26th)


Pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound

2022 Kid Pricing:

(verbal reservations until kids are born, when a kid is decided upon, a $100, $50 for wethers, non-refundable deposit is required)

Nigerian doelings start at $350

Nigerian bucklings start at $300

BG Guernsey doelings $550

BG Guernsey bucklings $500

Wethers of both breeds $125

~ Discount on multiples; $50 off total price when purchasing 2 or more kids. ~

~ We take Paypal (FRIENDS AND FAMILY ~ emilygolden76@gmail.com or Please pay the fee), Venmo (OnGoldenFarm) and checks for deposits. Your remaining balance is due when you pick up your kid(s); with Cash, Paypal, Venmo or check. ~

* We reserve the right to retain any kid that is born on our farm *

Sales Policy:

~ All kids are dam raised (unless there is a need for bottle feeding) which means they cannot leave the farm until they are at least 8 weeks of age. Our kids get loads of attention, they are well socialized and very friendly!

~ Before leaving the farm kids will be disbudded, have a Coccidiostat (as a preventative), be tattooed (Nigerians only, leaving Guernseys so people can decide on registration through BGS or ADGA) and pet wethers will be banded. Our vet recommends giving CD&T at 12 weeks. If you are new to goats, we highly recommend you have a vet lined up prior to bringing them home.

~ All registered kids will come with an ADGA (or BGS for the Guernseys) registration application or will/can be registered online (only until kid is paid in full and the registration fee is reimbursed). Pet wethers and pet doelings will not come with papers.

~ All kids will leave our farm in good health, we are not responsible for the health of the kids once leaving.

~ We are VERY strict on biosecurity, with that said we are not able to take back any animal once it has left the farm. We love to help out though and are available for questions anytime! Feel free to call or text (603)315-7612 (text preferred).

~ We are willing to transport kids via ground only with a reputable transporter. The buyer will be responsible for setting up the transport and take care of any fees involved; vet certificate etc. Keep in mind transport can be stressful on kids and they do best with a buddy to transition with. They will also need a quiet low stress environment to slowly settle into their new home.

~ Due to the current state of our world, we’ve implemented some new policies. We do very few farm visits here now. Instead we update you with lots of adorable photos and videos! This is our STRONG preference. However we do understand how exciting it must be to add a new goat to your family so if you must come to see your kid(s) then we ask that you do so by appointment ONLY. Also everyone must wear a mask, sanitize their hands prior to petting the animals and wear shoe coverings (I will provide) before entering the barn area. And please if you are ill do not come to the farm! This ensures the health and safety of our herd and our people. Thank you for understanding!

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