Sweet DD Gabriel

Gabe has been sold to Tiny Hill Farm

Sugar Moon BL Booom Chocolatta *B x ELITE Sugar Moon V Gabriella 4*M (pending)

DOB 3/17/21 Black & White Swiss with Moonspots

Gabe is the sweetest most docile buck I have met! I am thrilled to have his milky genetics in my little herd 🙂 His dam is an ELITE doe (99 percentile) and his pedigree is chalk full of Sugar Moon goodness. He is striking young man with a nice length of body. Can’t wait to see his first kids!

On Golden Farm Duke

Duke has been sold to Tiny Hill Farm

Tiny Hill Farm Moonagedaydream *B x Old School Creamery Queen 1*M

DOB 4/3/21 Black & White with Extensive Moonspotting

Duke is out of Queenie and usually I wouldn’t keep a buckling out of a first freshener, but Queen has proven herself this year! Her udder is to die for! She also exceeded her ADGA requirements for butterfat, volume & protein. And Duke’s granddam is on ADGA’s TOP TEN list this year! Duke is a laid back guy who is easy on the eyes! He has a nice brisket & feet and oodles of moonspots.

Sheepcreek … name TBD

Mr. Buckling has been sold to Four Winds Farm

D.O.B. 5/17/21 Dark Russet, Longhaired, Polled.

This little man just joined the Golden herd & he is simply stunning! Can not wait to see kids by him! 😍

Reference Bucks

Stumphollow Landmark

We took our Guernsey doe JJ to Four Winds Farm in Peterborough to have a date with Landmark this season. He is a stunning buck! Looking forward to these kids!

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