Nigerian Does

~ Our Nigerians are on milk test ~

6*M (pending) Tiny Hill Farm Vixen

Vixen has been sold to Tiny Hill Farm

SG Sugar Moon V High Roller +*B x SG Old Mountain Farm Mishell Anet 5*M

D.O.B. 3/19/19 Black & White w/ extensive moonspotting.

Vixen is AMAZING!! She is a serious milker, sweet sweet sweet, nice to look at and has a beautiful mammary system! 😍 Great attachments, smooth blended fore udder, and nicely placed teats. She has earned her milk star making her a 6* milker. As a first freshner she also made ADGA’s August ELITE doe list & is currently holding at 94%. I’m so impressed with her steady lactation! Vixen is also full sister to Tiny Hill’s TOP TEN milker Super Lois! Thank you to Tiny Hill Farm for this blessing! Cannot wait to see her 2nd freshening! We love Vixen!!

1*M (pending) Old School Creamery Queen

Queenie has been sold to Old School Creamery

Gardenviewfarm R Phantom *B x Old School Creamery Hope

DOB: 3/8/20 Red/Chocolate with white poll & random white.

Queenie has a kind friendly demeanor and is incredibly easy to work with. She is a short, petite little thing, but packs a punch in dairy! Queen will receive her star this year and she exceeded her volume, protein & butterfat. Her butterfat is outstanding! We are very pleased with Queenies first fresh udder! She has the smoothest fore udder I have ever seen, nice height, outstanding lateral attachments & decent sized teats for a young FF. And she is a wonderful mama ☺️ Thank you to Old School Creamery for this wonderful little package!

Tiny Hill Rue

Rue has been sold to Tiny Hill Farm

Tiny Hill Farm Ur Ine 4 Sumfun *B x Tiny Hill Farm Vixen 6*M

DOB: 3/18/21 Chocolate & White with moonspots

Rue is a sweet soul, all she wants is love. She is long and lovely and I just can not wait to see her little chitlins! I have high hopes for her, as her mom Vixen is simply awesome!

Tiny Hill Kali

Kali has been sold to Tiny Hill Farm

Tiny Hill Nobiz Like Doebiz *B x TOP TEN SG The Tiny Hill Farm Sansa 1*M

DOB: 3/22/21 Black & White

Kali is an easy going little lady with oodles of potential! Her mama was a Top Ten doe this year!! She is a petite, gorgeous doe and we can not wait to see her mature!

On Golden Farm Duchess

Duchess has been sold to Tiny Hill Farm

Tiny Hill Farm Moonagedaydream *B x Old School Creamery Queen 1*M

DOB: 4/3/21 Chamoisee w/ White & Moonspots

Duchess is a docile quiet girl who I am very excited about! Her moms 1st fresh udder last year was amazing and adding in Tiny Hill Farm’s David (who’s dam is a TOP TEN doe) to the mix is just the cherry on top!

On Golden Farm Vin

Vin has been sold to Tiny Hill Farm

Trotting C Farm Gideon x The Tiny Hill Farm Taffy D 2*M

DOB: 2/21/21 Chamoisee w/ Frosted Ears & White tail, POLLED

Vin is Taffy’s daughter and Taff is now retired so of course she had to stay on the farm. 🙂 Vinny is beautiful! She inherited her mamas long lean body and is a super easy keeper. I hope she follows in Taffs hoofprints for milk production and being an all around fabulous goat!

ELITE 2*M The Tiny Hill Farm Taffy Davenport

Taff has retired at Tiny Hill Farm

Old Mountain Farm Party Animal *B x Old Mountain Farm Hana Shobu 1*M

DOB: 3/22/13 Chocolate Chamois w/ 1 moonspot. Taffy D is my heart goat! She has a wonderful personality; good manners, loving, easy going & quiet. She is very feminine, has a beautiful top line and the gal puts it in the pail! She did 1573# on milk test! Taff also made ADGA’s August & December ELITE doe list this year! She is breeze to milk with her large teats and easily expressing orifices. Taff is a special soul! ❤

Udders/Dams/Sires behind the girls

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