In early spring we open our farm stand which is located at the start of the driveway at 267 N River Rd Milford, NH. We sell free range chicken eggs, raw goats milk, goats milk yogurt, veggies from our organic garden, elderberry tonic in the fall, and fruit (apples, pears & peaches) from our organically grown trees. Around the holidays we sell goats milk soaps as they make the perfect stocking stuffer! We take pride in our products and are so happy we get to share with our community! Anything we earn here at the stand goes right back into the farm to help feed the animals. Even though we don’t come close to breaking even, its nice to off set some of the cost. The stand is self-serve and the honor system is used (although we have had a few things stolen so have since implemented a camera). That said if you are struggling financially please reach out, we would love to help! 🙂

To insure the safety of our raw milk, we regularly send in samples for bacteria counts via The Department of Health & Human Services in Concord or Dairy One Lab in Ithaca, NY. We also feed our girls an organic dairy grain on the milk stand.

Any questions please feel free to reach out to Emily, text or email is preferred please. (603)315-7612

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