Guernsey Does

Walela Daisy

D.O.B. 12/3/16 Dark Gold, Long Haired.

Daisy is a beautiful Dark Gold British Guernsey who milks like a dream! She is a fabulous milker, giving us more milk than we need which is why we were able to start selling. Milking with teats like Daisy’s is like turning on a faucet, like I said a dream, especially wonderful for me who has lousy hands. Her confirmation is lovely, a nice sturdy doe and her coat is gorgeous with those long golden locks. Daisy is a mild-mannered, calm, quiet soul, who likes hanging out with her buddy JJ.

Sheepcreek Junglejuice “JJ”

D.O.B. 4/6/18 Dark Gold, Longhaired.

JJ is the sweetest most loving girl! She gives you kisses like a dog! She is on the smaller side for a Guernsey but don’t let that fool you, this gal can milk! On her first freshening she had a single and even with transport to us from MO to NH she was still giving us over a half gallon each morning! She is also a beautiful russet colored longhaired lady, who is gentle, calm and quiet. JJ gets along great with our little Queenie and the chickens!

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